Terms & Conditions



Cancelation. When we confirm your booking, we have entered into a contract to provide you with your chosen accommodation. Similarly you have entered into a contract to use and pay for it.  If you need to cancel this contract, please let us know as soon as you possibly can! If we can rent out the accommodation to someone else, without loss, there is no cancelation fee.  Otherwise cancelation simpy incurs your obligation to meet our loss of profit - £15 per person per night in the B&B, one third of the agreed rental for Self-Catering.  We recommend that you consider travel insurance which is cheap and often included by banks as an account benefit.

Checking In and Out In order that we may prepare your accommodation to a high standard, check out is at 10:30am on the day of departure; and check in time on day of arrival is 16:30 to 20:00.  This can be, most times, varied by mutual agreement.

Enjoyment of Accommodation

For your safety and to protect the fabric for the convenience of other guests, smoking is not permitted in the properties.

In order to protect you, we assert the right to unilaterally terminate any contract to provide accommodation where guests breach the peace, or abuse fabric, equipment and accommodation provided.


We undertake to deliver to you accommodation, fabric, equipment and parking in a condition such that you (and your party) acting with a reasonable amount of care and caution (such that as might be expected in an ‘unfamiliar domestic environment’, with unfamiliar equipment, considering adverse weather conditions and in the light of our access statement) should not expect to suffer harm.

Please feel free to enjoy our gardens, grounds and playground, upon the understanding that this is entirely at your own risk - particularly noting that poor weather, unreported damage and livestock can all create and present hazards.


Your expectations of our security arrangements should acknowledge our policy of providing you and other guests with free general access and locks for rented properties and B&B rooms. We cannot accept responsibility for theft, but will accept responsibility for damage if it has been caused by us (or our employees).  


We’re delighted to provide accommodation for your children on the condition that we can rely upon your effective supervision in all matters concerning enjoyment of accommodation, safety and security.

Responsibility for Losses It is of the essence of our contract that we and you take full responsibility to each other (& you and other guests directly to each other) for any and all losses arising from our and your actions, errors and omissions; this being interpreted by the application of these terms and conditions under English law.  


By ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’, please read ‘the owners of Boningale Manor’.

By ‘you’ or ‘your’, please read you and your party.

By ‘guest’ or ‘guests’, please read other parties using or visiting our accommodation.