B&B Telford

Looking for a comfortable and pleasant B&B in Telford? Boningale Manor is happy to help!

Our rooms are spacious, but cosy. The beds are made for comfort and are ideal for the weary travellers that want a good nights’ rest. Then upon waking, part of the B&B Telford services is a hearty breakfast to give a good start to the day.

B&B Telford Accommodation Suitable for Everyone

The B&B Telford services offered by Boningale Manor have been enjoyed by guests of all types. Whether you’d like to spend a night or two, while on your family travels or you’re looking for a comfortable B&B accommodation for a business/ work trip, many guests travelling to the Telford area that have been in need of temporary or long term accommodations have found our B&B to work perfectly for them.

With there being several types of short and long term self catering barns to take advantage of, one may wonder what makes the B&B Telford services offered here at Boningale Manor the right choice.

What Does Boningale Manor B&B Telford Accommodation Offer?

To begin with the location of our B&B is in a rural setting which is ideal for those that want a place that is quiet and relaxing. Yet, at the same time is close to events and attractions  that guests are most interested in. Then when you finally get to experience the warm and friendly atmosphere that is present at our B&B Telford accommodation you’ll definitely feel you’re at home.

At Boningale Manor, we make it our objective to provide our guests with a stay that leaves nothing to be desired. For those who are about to experience their first stay at a B&B Telford facility there is no better beginning than that which is offered at Boningale Manor. Then for those that have had a B&B experience to compare to, there is no doubt that our B&B Telford service will make it to your ‘favourites list’ for future holidays in our area.

So, if you are travelling and you are looking for a short or long term B&B Telford accommodation, we’ll be happy to have you as our guest. Please remember to book early to avoid disappointment. Contact Bob at Boningale Manor, today!