Celebrate! at Boningale Manor


Your Marquee Party

The Location?  Our beautiful Sunken Garden (with features dating back to the Tudor 1300's) is offered for your marquee party.  Our modern, very swish, marquee neatly fits the lawn and provides comfortably for 60 seated guests (up to 72 if you choose).  The rest of the Sunken Garden is there for your enjoyment.  Think mature lavanders, the Manor's old mill stones set in the paths, stone-built oaken-beamed whitewashed byres to sit it.  This extra space means that more guests can be added for an informal buffet-service 'evening' do.   



The Foods?  Many choose to dine formally - but for something different you can ask us to provide you and your guests a Street Food experience.  Our range confidently covers British, Spanish, North African & Middle-Eastern, Caribbean and Malaysian cuisines.  We have a really good 'pig roast' partner.  Once we have understood what you want, we'll invite you to a tasting session so you can make your final choices! 

Music?  We listen to your musical interests and shortlist you DJs for you to choose between.  Or perhaps you want a barn dance or Ceilidh?

The Bar?  We organise this for you.  Our standard package includes a welcoming glass of sparkling for your guests - but you might prefer wine on the tables or envelopes of bar vouchers for your guests.

Parking?  No problem!  We have several acres and provide a parking attendant at arrival and departure.

A Larger Party? Our largest parties have been hosted in heated marquees on our sheltered 2-acre Party Field, where up to 150 can be hosted. 


Accommodation & Taxis  4-Star accommodation B&B is reserved for your closest guests.  The Round House (4-Star, Gold Award) has often been rented as a 'preparatory base' for lead-guests in the week leading up to a celebration. Albrighton Apartments and other local accommodation can be booked for you and taxi services can be coordinated on your behalf.

The Costs?   Some locations start with a £2-3000 price tag just for the venue, inviting you to DIY:- to provide everything else including food & furniture & fun!  Other venues keep their costs down and profits up by hosting several celebrations at the same time.  If you are considering Boningale Manor, expect an 'exclusive use' venue with your party tailored to your specification, and better value, too.   If you are thinking of a seated evening party for 60 adult guests, with guided parking, with a welcoming glass of wine for your guests, with three courses of service, all staffed and with DJ and dance floor, think around the £3500 region.  Less formal, more "Street" or "Buffet" = less costs.  More guests or afternoon AND evening = a bit more. But all tailored as you want it.      

How to get started? If you want to see how Boningale Manor can deliver you your dream party, then email us on [email protected] or call 0748 3131 707. 

Testimonials provided upon request.